Who are we?

Formed in 1997 by three financially challenged anime enthusiasts looking to support their passion, we’ve since grown into Sydney’s biggest anime club, catering to members from all around the city.

What do we do?

Our goal is to unite fans of anime and all things related together to enjoy, well, anime and all things related! Anime, manga, drawing, games, cosplay, music, Gunpla, there’s a lot to list. We’ve got a heap of events we do it through too. Here’s a few of the things we do:

  • Weekly screening, gaming and art sessions
  • Eat-out and karaoke socials
  • Events out and about like beach episodes
  • Pre/post-exam shindigs
  • Gunpla workshops
  • Stalls at various conventions (e.g. SMASH!)
  • And more!

As a part of the rebirthed AnimeSydney, we also join forces with other anime clubs across Sydney, bringing you super great sponsors and combined events! Some of the things we’ve held in the past include our yearly Christmas Party, a Band Night, and Beach Episodes. It’s a great chance to meet lots of new people from outside our club!

Who looks after AnimeUNSW?

Being named AnimeUNSW, where else would we be from but the home of the Bachelor of Stairs? We’re proudly run by UNSW students, for UNSW students, and not just — it’s for all our members, which we hope includes you!

Our executives are chosen every year through an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and like any student, we’ll be running around campus all the time. Don’t be afraid to chat and have your say! It’s our members that helps make us what we are. Our 2019 execs are:

Anne Dinh
Nicolo Pama
Vice President
James Xu
Jacky Zhang
Henry Lin
Arc Delegate
Alpie Onur
Events Director
Darren Li
Co-Events Director
Ian Lin
Co-Events Director
Cynthia Ortuno
Art Director
Kenn Kusumanegara
Art Director
Noor Elmubasher
Art Director
Vito Huang
Screening & Sponsorship Director
Edward Li
Media Director

Contact us

Any questions? Feel free to email us at info@animeunsw.net