AUNSW + SUAnime Karaoke!!!


We waited and waited. And finally, Echo Point was reborn. No doubt we all rushed there to enjoy the newly renovated rooms and sing to our hearts content. Plus $15 for 6 hours and drink, what can possibly go wrong? Photo credits goes to Echo Karaoke, check out more pics here.

AUNSW Kick Off Party Wrap Up


What a day! Our first big event of the year and boy was fun. Starting off the year of uni by meeting anime enthusiasts, old and new and celebrating of what we hope to be a HD filled year (no pressure guys). Board games, trivia, art wall, video games and cosplay showcases, there’s no better… Read more »

AUNSW Kick Off Party!


Hi everyone! Welcome back to another year of excitement with Anime UNSW! We’re looking forward to another year of gaming, screening, drawing, singing, partying, eating, and camping with you all! We’ll be starting off the year with our Annual Kick-Off Party, with venue provided by our sponsors, The Nerd Cave! This is a chance for… Read more »

AUNSW @ O-Week 2016!


Welcome back to another year of Uni with AnimeUNSW! We’ll be having our usual O-Week stall (feat. Cosplaying execs) from Monday to Friday, so be sure to swing by to hang out. Weekly sessions will be running for O-Week, so come meet some new members or take a break from grabbing all the O-Week freebies… Read more »

Ice Skating Event Wrap up


Thanks to you cool cats for coming over to our Ice Skating Event. We hope you guys were able to enjoy gliding through the ice. We’ve captured some of you guys having a swell time there.                More photos can be seen here. Photo credits to Chris K. Keep… Read more »

AnimeSydney Christmas Party 2015


For those of you who joined us for our spooooky Halloween screening, we hope you had a great time. Especially the nightmares part. Nightmares or not though, it’s stuvac, or in other words, time to go heads down and study! へええええええ?勉強しなきゃ。。。 But before you get back to that. AnimeSydney Christmas Party is in less than… Read more »

AGM 2015: Congratulations new execs!


It was a long afternoon, but our best buds Pocky and pizza helped keep us going—and with that, we’ve elected our exec team of 2016! Announcing the lineup: President: Kenny Tran Secretary: Oliver Huang Treasurer: Brian Luc Arc Delegate: Miggy Navarro Events Director: Denaysh Selvakkumar Co-Events Directors: Justin Luong, Mendel Liang Art Directors: Tracy Ma, Brian Do, Jinny Yu Gaming Director: Julian Rizzo-Smith… Read more »

This Week in Music: Mitchie M


Queenie, Art Director: Hi people! I’m one of your art directors – Queenie! So this is my first time writing anything longer than my diary (besides assignments) and will be introducing (one of) my favourite vocaloid producer, Mitchie M! [Mitchie M] Freely Tomorrow: Bet most people would’ve heard of Mitchie M’s “freely tomorrow”, one of… Read more »

This Week in Anime: Senyuu.


Tracy, Art Director: Hi guys, one of your art directors, Tracy here! This is my first time doing this kind of thing so please don’t judge my really bad writing skills. I’ll be introducing one of my favourite (and seriously underrated) series, Senyuu. Senyuu is easily one of the most hilarious series I’ve watched. It… Read more »

This Week in Gaming: Tokyo Game Show


Hey guys! Jarrod here, one of your co-events execs. I’ve been tasked this week to do the newsletter feature thing and it’s probably the first time I’ve done anything like this so I’m kind of nervous that I’ll get something completely wrong and you’ll all hate me and anyway please enjoy. I love following the… Read more »