This Week in Games: Bloodborne


One of the most anticipated games of the year, from the same maker of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, Bloodborne, comes with just as much fun and suffering as its predecessors. It takes on the same awesome gameplay as its predecessors Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, with punishing mobs, gigantic bosses and an extra increase… Read more »

Anime Screening – Week 4

2015 Screening Session Feature Photo (corrected title placement)

We finally got our weekly screening sessions under way last week, and it was great to see so many of you come – even if you only came for the pocky. We’ve now settled on Quad Room 1042 from 4-7 pm on Thursday so you won’t have to worry about mid-screening migration any more. For those who missed this session, we only watched the… Read more »

Website 4.0

kick off 2015 cropped

Hey, we’re alive and breathing! It’s past the 21st of December… that means the Mayans were wrong! Wait, you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about? Come on, you know, 21st of December 2012, apocalypse, no point updating the website if we’re all going to get hit by some huge meteori— yeah, that’s right!… Read more »

Annual General Meeting 2012

====ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2012==== Annual General Meeting details: Date: Planned for Thursday 11 of September Time: 6:00pm start Location: Electrical Engineering Building, Room 221 (Regular Art session room) Description: The AnimeUNSW AGM is one of the big and important events in the club calendar. This is the sort of thing you will need to be… Read more »

Gunpla no.2

Don’t forget we have another gunpla session tomorrow!   Saturday 9:00am until 4:00pm Hobbyco, then Law 202 UNSW So I hear you’re dying from assessments and assignments? don’t fear, as AnimeUNSW is here bringing you another Gunpla session to relief stress and maintain your sanity! and this time, we’d be having our neighbours from AnimeUsyd joining us!… Read more »

August 2012

Well… how should I start? I suppose I can start by apologising for the very long hiatus. Plus the website hit some technical difficulties, causing me to be unable to completely update the interface into something awesome. Hopefully you guys can forgive me None-the-less, over the next coming week, I’ll make some final changes to the current… Read more »

Exams and Mid Year break 2012


Yes it’s that time of the year, the dreaded finals. They started two days ago, and will expect to last until towards the end of this month.   To all students doing exams, good luck and all the best in those last minute crams! I know I’ll be doing the same! The holidays will be… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day! What have you guys got in store for your mums? Breakfast in  bed? Presents, cards? Or maybe a day out at fancy restaurants or maybe a quiet day at home with movies or games? Either way, don’t forget to tell your mum at you love her!

Website 3.0

Hey guys!   The AnimeUNSW website will be getting a face lift in the semester break. So from the 23rd of June at 12:00AM the website will be unavailable until around the 6th of July at 12:00AM. And information regarding AnimeUNSW can be found on our facebook page instead during this time. HOWEVER THE FORUMS WILL STILL BE UP!   During this… Read more »

After the Easter Break

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great easter break. I know I did, because I didn’t write up anything during the break xD   We would like to thank everyone who attended our gunpla session last Saturday. It was awesome, and the free pizza too!   Also if you haven’t noticed yet, the new… Read more »