AGM 2015: Congratulations new execs!


It was a long afternoon, but our best buds Pocky and pizza helped keep us going—and with that, we’ve elected our exec team of 2016! Announcing the lineup:

  • President: Kenny Tran
  • Secretary: Oliver Huang
  • Treasurer: Brian Luc
  • Arc Delegate: Miggy Navarro
  • Events Director: Denaysh Selvakkumar
  • Co-Events Directors: Justin Luong, Mendel Liang
  • Art Directors: Tracy Ma, Brian Do, Jinny Yu
  • Gaming Director: Julian Rizzo-Smith
  • Screening Director: Leigh Atkins
  • Media Director: Alex Ong
  • Sponsorship Director: Loui Lu
  • Photographer: Aaron Neoh

Congratulations to the team, and wish them the best as they help take AnimeUNSW into the next year and beyond!


And an addendum now that I’m reposting this from the newsletter… huge thanks to our outgoing execs for their hard work over this year!


(Photo credit Chris Kuan)