Anime Screening – Week 4

2015 Screening Session Feature PhotoWe finally got our weekly screening sessions under way last week, and it was great to see so many of you come – even if you only came for the pocky. We’ve now settled on Quad Room 1042 from 4-7 pm on Thursday so you won’t have to worry about mid-screening migration any more.

For those who missed this session, we only watched the first episode of Uchouten KazokuNozaki KunOregairuPing PongKyousougigaZankyou no Terror, and Hyouka. Uchouten Kazoku, Ping Pong, and Kyousougiga were especially popular: I’ve heard from a few people that they have now picked these up.

Thankfully, the new season is here now so the next screening sessions will be a lot more fun and interesting. I’m going to make another post later detailing the next screening session and our plan for the semester soon. And thanks to those of you who PM’d me asking questions, promise I will have a plan up (soon).

And lastly, here are a few pictures from last week. Once again, cheers for popping by – see you all again this Thursday.

2015 screening week 4 - img1Uchouten Kazoku

2015 screening week 4 - img3Ping Pong

2015 screening week 4 - img2 Kyousougiga