This Week in Anime: Senyuu.

Tracy, Art Director:

Hi guys, one of your art directors, Tracy here! This is my first time doing this kind of thing so please don’t judge my really bad writing skills. I’ll be introducing one of my favourite (and seriously underrated) series, Senyuu.

Senyuu is easily one of the most hilarious series I’ve watched. It follows the adventures of Alba, hero #45 (of 75), and accompanying soldier Ross on their quest to find and defeat the Demon King to gain the title of “true hero”.


Although the official summary of the anime is as such, after watching the anime, it’s actually pretty misleading, but I can assure you it’s all for the better ^o^b. The anime starts off with a lot of seemingly just slapstick comedy (and LOTS of tsukkomi), but actually leads up to waves of plot twists later, making the series surprisingly deep and well thought-out.

Also, you’ve got the (actually pretty weak) hero, who’s only strong point is his comedic comebacks, the sadistic soldier, who is really OP, and a range of other hilarious characters all in a really simplistic drawing style, making it a really easy watch.


Not only that, Senyuu is one of those series where each episode is only about 5 minutes long, making it one of my favourite procrastination anime. The “I’ll only watch one episode” promise will in fact only be a five minute break instead of a usual thirty ;D


The only disappointment is that the end doesn’t really feel like an ending, so I definitely recommend reading the original webcomic (which is complete btw!) for some this-anime-looks-dumb-but-BOOM-surprise-it-actually-has-a-really-deep-and-well-thought-out-storyline plot twists! (Yes, I love the plot twists.)

So I say give it a go, I might make it sound boring because of my writing, but it’s definitely worth what, five minutes to check out the first episode!

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