This Week in Anime: Spring Season Suggestions

Hello! We have some more recommendations this week!

Kyoukai no Rinne


Sally, Merchandise Director:

I’m recommending Kyoukai no Rinne. Why? Because it’s hilarious and gosh darn cute, and I have a soft spot for shoujo. (;w; ) It’s a story about a girl who can see ghosts and one day in class she notices a classmate who no one else can see but her.

Initially assuming he was a ghost and deadpanning his existence off (since she’s been dealing with ghosts bugging her for most of her life) she is surprised to see him (quite literally) in the flesh the next day in class. Then she’s dragged into his world- one with demons, restless spirits and poverty (you’ll see what I mean)

A cute romance/comedy/supernatural anime from the lovely lady who also did Inuyasha, Kyoukai no Rinne is worth checking out. Also, the opening is really catchy XD

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Comical Psychosomatic Medicine


Kenny, Co-Events Director:

This week’s review, I’d like to recommend an anime that had debut halfway through last season, and is ongoing currently. A late bloomer, so it doesn’t get mentioned as much. “Anime de wakaru Shinryounaika (アニメで分かる心療内科)or as subbed, “Comical Psychosomatic Medicine” (not sure how ‘comical’ = ‘learned from anime’ >.>)

Besides the point, this anime is a completely short, less than 10 mins per episode, anime that satirises psychological symptoms and illnesses and has a discussion on said topic. A heavy topic, no? Couldn’t be more wrong!


The variety of characters and their various mental issues every episode make for a hilarious comedic sketch revolving around a psychological specialist and his hard-to-understand nurse. It is presented quite professionally, with appropriate inappropriateness here and there to make it that more funny to watch.

Difficult to explain the whole appeal of this anime, but it’s something you’d have to watch to get. I recommend this anime just for quick laugh. Currently 11 episodes in, and each episode is short, you can get caught up real quickly.


Remember, if you’re suffering from a mental issue, head to the medical clinic~(=w=~)

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Hibike! Euphonium


Chris, Gaming Director:

Cute girls playing instruments in a wind ensemble. It was everything I expected + more. Animation/soundtrack is also super good. Trumpet girl is clearly best girl. Very deep and meaningful. Anime of the year for sure.

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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku


Richard, Media Director:

Yahallo! Ah, this show. I came for the slice of life and “romcom”. Yeah yeah, usual delinquent/antisocial/pretty girl tropes from the synopsis. Instead, what I got was something much, much better. I’m not sure if this show will appeal to everybody, or at least appeal to them for the same things I enjoy it for. It might be a bit—no, it will be a bit pretentious sounding—but the way the characters think and feel is brilliantly written, and far from shallow. A lot of it resonates with me actually, and I find myself a lot of times up at night thinking about the episode I just watched, then taking myself onto more and more tangents of thought. Not a bad thing to me! (Except for my sleep.)

The second season comes with a studio switch, from Brains Base to Feel, giving us a much more detailed and vivid art style. The older, more cartoony look I’ll definitely miss, but the new style absolutely fits, and I definitely can’t complain about the backgrounds and lighting. (Ep 2 was particularly beautiful. Remember the bridge and forest scenes?) The same sound director’s around too, and we’ve got a new OP by Nagi Yanagi, which I instantly loved. As for character design, Hikki may have lost his dead fish eyes, and somehow switched hair colour, but the new, more mature look to him, as well as others in the cast, suit them great. They’ve gone through a lot to this point, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow and change throughout the rest of the series.


If you think you might like a different take on the usual school series with romcom elements, absolutely give this series a try. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t expect it to be for everyone, but if you like it, you’ll be hooked before you know it. I strongly recommend you start with the first season if you’re new, but if you’re not, you might want to consider rewatching anyway just to refresh yourself on things.

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