This Week in Gaming: Tokyo Game Show

Hey guys! Jarrod here, one of your co-events execs. I’ve been tasked this week to do the newsletter feature thing and it’s probably the first time I’ve done anything like this so I’m kind of nervous that I’ll get something completely wrong and you’ll all hate me and anyway please enjoy.

I love following the games industry, so I’ll be talking about a few games shown off at this year’s TGS, or Tokyo Game Show. I’ll try to keep it short, since there was a TON of games featured.


Persona 5 [

  • My personally most anticipated game of 2015 is now my most anticipated game of 2016. Delays QQ.

  • The environments shown off look incredible – from the real-world to the ‘Palace’ (which vaguely reminds me of Tartarus) and the dungeon design (with more platforming and verticality, and a greater sense of freedom in movement).

  • Persona designs for the other party members (Anne, Ryuji, Morgana) revealed! They look awesome. Also, a new character (possibly party member) was shown off. There’s also a bunch of illustration and developer stories released, check them out!

  • I can see the main character taking an anti-hero/people’s hero role (much like the idea of Zero in Code Geass; the protag of P5 is even voiced by Jun Fukuyama!).

  • ANIME SPECIAL! Don’t know if it’ll be a full series or just a prologue/one-off thing, can’t wait.

Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir (or Leifthrasir; names are hard) [

  • If you’ve played Muramasa or Dragon’s Crown, you’d know what Vanillaware are capable of. They developed Odin Sphere for the PS2 back in the day, and Leifdrasir is a complete HD remake of it for PS4/3/Vita.

  • New trailer, game looks amazing. Very vibrant and whimsical, coupled with Vanillaware’s sweet 2D designs.

  • Played very well back in the day, but was plagued with performance issues because of the fidelity of effects and graphics. This should be (hopefully) fixed in this version. Check it out in 2016!

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  • 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim [
    • MECHAS

    • Vanillaware x Atlus yet again (I’m a bit of a fanboy I know). The art style is similar to Odin Sphere, but with a much more muted, realistic tone.

    • Not a lot was shown other than the art and a few characters, along with a giant mecha (presumably) called the 13 Sentinel. Hopefully makes it to the West.

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    • Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue [
      • A new remix game for the Kingdom Hearts series was announced at TGS which will finally complete the handheld series’ transition into console.

      • New KH3 gameplay at the very beginning. The effects look really high fidelity *drool*.

      • Dream Drop Distance HD remaster; brand new chapter called KH 0.2, a Birth by Sleep sequel (which seemingly focuses on Aqua) and Kingdom Hearts χ (chi) Back Cover, which seems to be an HD release of cutscenes from the mobile game.

      • Not much else was said about KH 0.2 or chi, but keep a lookout over the rest of the year.

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      • Other games/announcements:
  • Final Fantasy XV [ AND FISHING YEAH; Dawn 2.0 trailer with nothing really new; still super hype; Luna’s still pretty).
  • Gravity Rush 2 [ on PS4; Gravity Rush 1 being remastered) – from what I’ve heard, one of the best things to come out of the Vita. Multiplayer/Co-op with Kat + Raven?
  • Project Setsuna (Ikenie to yuki no Setsuna)[– Classic turn-based JRPG, obvious throwback to Square games of old (I loved the hell out of Chrono Trigger). That X Slash!
  • Danganronpa V3 [] – I haven’t played any DR games, but people seem to really love it. That tease at the end of the trailer, though.
  • Star Ocean 5 [– New trailer! Love me some Sakuraba. Also, Second Evolution (second game) getting re-release on PS4/Vita.
  • Ace Attorney 6 [ anime announcement, YES. Ghosts and spirits and junk (Mia pls).
      • Project Morpheus now named PlayStation VR and priced as a “new gaming platform” (better start reserving time for Summer Lesson!).