This Week in Manga: Yotsuba&!


Manga Choice: Yotsuba&! By Kiyohiko Azuma

Sohraab, Treasurer:

Funny, innocent, full of energy and life, Yotsuba&! is a fun manga to always have on your reading list. It’s a slice of life genre manga about having fun in life and viewing it with infectious optimism. The story follows 5-year-old Yotsuba Koiwai through her daily life. Just watch as she causes trouble for her dad, neighbours and friends, all with a gung-ho attitude.

This manga is a celebration of a carefree life as a kid, and the fun that just comes from your daily adventures, and thankfully, there’s none of that moe. I definitely recommend reading this manga; a good-read especially after some heavy genres and one just to keep on that reading list.