This Week in Music: Mitchie M

Queenie, Art Director:

Hi people! I’m one of your art directors – Queenie! So this is my first time writing anything longer than my diary (besides assignments) and will be introducing (one of) my favourite vocaloid producer, Mitchie M!


[Mitchie M] Freely Tomorrow:

Bet most people would’ve heard of Mitchie M’s “freely tomorrow”, one of his well known songs. Fun Fact:  In only 10hrs and 41 mins it has reached over 100,000 views and only 20 days to achieve 1,000,000 views – breaking the record as the most viral vocaloid song on NicoNico Douga!

Mitchie M’s tuning is top-notch – His tunes are amazingly vivid, which creates the best sounding of Miku in realistic voice imo. There are too many songs from him to recommend, here’s another commercial song of Miku which showcases his amazing skill of tuning vocaloids:


[Mitchie] Suki Yuki Maji Magic:

This is the official song for snow miku in 2014 – his first time trying out miku in english rap by using English voice bank!  (2:18-)

Also, make sure to check out! This song relieves stress from end-of-sem – it’s just so… happy 😀


[Mitchie M] Viva Happy:

To conclude, he is my favourite Vocaloid because of three things:

  1. He gives realism to the voice of Miku
  2. His songs have that nice retro feel
  3. He responds to comments on his Youtube videos

(which appears to be the same as the anonymous commenter on vocaloid wiki ._.)