Website 4.0

kick off 2015 croppedHey, we’re alive and breathing! It’s past the 21st of December… that means the Mayans were wrong! Wait, you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about? Come on, you know, 21st of December 2012, apocalypse, no point updating the website if we’re all going to get hit by some huge meteori yeah, that’s right! Now we’re on the same page! Oh, we’re way past 2012?!

That byline probably gives away a thing or two, actually. Well, let’s get down to it then. Hello! WE’RE BACK! Welcome back to the AnimeUNSW website, version 4.0 (I think)! We’re still on WordPress, our old posts are still lying around, but we’ve got an awesome new look, designed courtesy of yours truly. It’s named MURAMIDOKI, after the colours of our newest mascots, with a really nice warm palette and bold, popping accents. And it’s complete with all those trends of #flat, #responsive, #retina, and whatnot, there are sponsors at the bottom, we’re now a part of AnimeSydney, and on and on. Basically, I really hope you all like it!

mekaku endcard 6-2(they aren’t our mascots)

Apart from this whole big design change, what else changed? Well, the site structure’s been started over again. The biggest contributor to this honestly, is the fact we’re all glued to Facebook, Twitter and all nowadays. So there’s some change in where we have discussions — hang out with us on the Facebook group!

When it comes to content, the About page now features our latest blurb, with us execs profiled too. Then a new Sponsors page showcases our great supporters and benefits you get as a member. You might’ve also spotted some Events placeholders, which we’ll soon be updating with our events info. For now, the latest can always be found on our Facebook events group!

Otsukimi-Recital-kagerou-project-37067471-1920-1080(but momo and hibiya D:)

There’s still plenty of work to be done, both with the design and content, so keep your eyes out! We’re only just getting started. In the mean time, be sure to check out our Facebook group, Twitter, and do come along to our events. Hope you’ve had a great start to the semester! 😀

(By the way, curious about the tech and tools behind what made this iteration possible? Shout outs to including the people and tools behind WordPress, Bones theme, Iconic by Waybury, retina.js, MAMP, Atom by GitHub, Pixelmator, Sketch by Bohemian Coding, and Ember by Realmac!)